Sadly Sick

Hey Everyone,

Sadly, Susan (the artist on Ribbiting Saga) and I were both sick most of the week so not much got done. However, I did do some research into changing how we build levels.

I spent some time looking into Tiled. It's a simple tilemap editor that would make level editing much easier but it will take some more work than I thought to switch over so I've decided to hold off on it for right now. We need to be focused on content.

The plan this week is to focus on pen and paper design work. I've had ideas for the layout of the world and puzzles for a long time, but that has to be modified with the switch to the Arm-Cannon. I'll be sharing sketches like that in a "spoiler" channel in our discord with anyone that would like to see them. It will likely change a little over time but we want to share what we are doing with the community without ruining the map for those that wish to remain unspoiled.

Thanks again to everyone that has pre-ordered so far. It means a lot every time I see one go through. We can't wait to have everyone jump into Ribbiting Saga again.