• Ribbiting Saga is Zelda with an arm-cannon! 
  • Explore a non-linear open world. 
  • Face shape-shifting dungeons and bosses! 
  • Blast foes with a unique set of weapons! 
  • Solve puzzles by experimenting with your abilities! 
  • Catch legendary fish!
  • Replay tons of times thanks to Randomizer, Speedrun, and Corrupted modes!
  • Toadally Awesome Tunes

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Blast Your Enemies

Blast enemies from range with a unique arsenal of weapons and upgrades. Use an intuitive targeting system to always face your target. Even combine your abilities with dodge-rolls to take quick shots and look cool doing it.

Choose Your Path

Journey where you want, when you want. Dungeons change based on the order you complete them, so try taking different paths!

Save the 4 Smiths

Knock some sense into the Legendary Smiths who have been corrupted by a mysterious evil. Gain powerful abilities when you free them from their curse.

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Toadally Awesome Tunes

Our awesome soundtrack was created to sound like retro music from the Super Nintendo with a light touch of modern flair. Hearing these tunes will make your heart hop to the beat!